About us

Our story of the Burrito Box begins with ourselves, Bowie and Ray, wanting to start a new type of food business in Greystones & so in May 2016 we bought an aul horse box. We both worked and used every bit of money to transform it into the Burrito Box!

By September it was totally transformed and we moved into the Boatyard beside the Beach House pub in Greystones and began to sell burritos every weekend from  November 5th,2016

We began with a very simple menu which grew into the now iconic menu of  Burrito Box – freshly made ingredients, innovative food ideas at great prices, all put together with pride, love and care. 

As our popularity grew so did our horse box collection. We bought a second horse box and connected it to the original box and used it as a production kitchen. The new double horse box meant we could prepare our food, faster and fresher.

As our reputation grows so does our ambition. We now have plans for a third horse box to bring our food to festivals and events across the country. Our Goal is and always will be…..

Peace, Love & burritos

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